My Calling

Crashing waves haunt me still. Chocolate bars and cigarette kisses are romantic memories now. Was it an infant porpoise or dolphin wedged lifeless against the jetty? Staring sideways at me as it churned and bobbed. Red was the name of the sea that day but it was actually colored a translucent gray. On a large rock sat I. Looking out trying to guess where the sea ended and the sky began. The only sound was the slapping of that Dead Sea angel. The other side of the world was calling me and yet without you it all seemed futile . Here or there made no difference at all. My heart had only one compass that only knew you as it’s North. Patience was the virtue I inherited from that day. Regardless of the circumstances, the waves continued to repeat the perpetual cycles of time. In and out they created a rhythmically mesmerizing symphony. The deflated form that once held life added another sound to the music. My own breathing was competing with my heartbeat, both louder than ever before. Then I knew without a thought. The next step presented itself as I leapt into the sea. The answer was movement, that alone was assured. Even in death somehow life continues. Slowly my arms accepted my fate, either sink or swim. There was no other option. I took the plunge while locking the beautiful heartfelt moments inside. Forward I swam becoming one with the earths pulse. The calling was clear as the sky whispered Keep on going forward.

Pieces of you

Gardenias cover the knit green sweater. Leather worn boots hold imprints still. Lumpy couch exhausted from past pleasures. Stained carpet patches in front of the fire. All these reminders. Just pieces of you. Hospitals, doctors and beeping through the night have faded away. Gentle smiles and kind tears replace begging eyes and pleading hearts. Yet these memories are also pieces of you. Building a lifetime that seemed so endless but halted much too soon. Twinkling stars reflected by the moon just a few magnificent pieces of you. Continued moments? How could this be? One foot before the next. Every moment was a blessing not realized at the time. One more lazy, Sunday afternoon, sitting by the pond. Discussing nonsense but mainly feeling each others presence. Once more reflecting on pieces of you. Continuously flooding events in mind. Always so many Pieces of You!


Oxygen coming from machines all around. Christmas echoes a peaceful sound. Cartons of milk sitting on the shelf. You lay in the bed fighting for life. Can’t get enough air in your lungs. Have all of mine please I’ll give you some. Trading places is what I will do if possible I’d gladly switch with you. Cancer sucks, so easy to say! just wish it wasn’t my vocabulary today. Jesus loves you on the white board above. I’m positive that was written with unstoppable love. The Maldives are Islands far away from here. Hopefully they remain beautiful and peaceful this year. Mind starting to drift visiting dreamland it seems. Realities tough as I witness this scene. Glorious reminder that miracles occur. Each tiny snowflake so exquisite and unique flutters down from heaven above. The extraordinary beauty that surrounds this planet. Blessed with blueberry, strawberry and grape. Seasons, flavors and other shapes. Holidays, celebrating and deep throated kisses. Interesting how inhaling in and out makes life exist. Breathe in the flowers blow out the candle. Mass


Book of face or so it’s called currently lines universal halls. Artificial intelligence replaces common sense in outer space. Deception with endless smiles hang on the walls of Ethernet continuing for miles. Stories, riddles and silly rhymes, descriptions of happier times. Illusions create jealousy and strife as each desires the others life. Reality of darkened rooms with screens glowing in that dark. Pains and passions swirled into one. The web of internet intertwined assuring all receive the lies. Minds being numbed as each clock ticks on. Nano seconds spiraling and pulsing endless muck. Who’s face is really answering words spewed across the glistening glass? A group of scammers in Nigeria or a hermit on a mountain high? Mounds of dreams, hopes and fears kneaded into dough. Massaging each ball into someone’s bread of life while baking the facade. Believe in Gods eternal grace and not this new invisible farce. Internet of spinning beams that fill our heads with evil schemes. Prayers heard by our heavenly host never brag, force or boast. Be steadfast in your inner strength, listen to your core belief and turn from the internet thief. Instagram and chat of snap only slice a micro shot of what is really happening so don’t be lead by that false dream. Nothing has replaced old fashioned hard work and creativity. Hold your heads high and pull up your sleeves. Acknowledge that what you think you understand isn’t all there is. So kiss your friends and hug your kids and say goodbye to fear. Your greatest joys are yet to be if you uncover your ears.


As light began to dim I saw that love could begin again. Darkness would not be the rule. Gracious kindness sprouted shoots from the tiny sprig roots. Rocky soil mixed with sand created a foundation for the growth. Remaining wick feeble bit true found its way, guiding through. Taking gentle winds of time while whispering songs of endless rhyme. Your signal beaming lighthouse warnings came as comfort and as strength. Arms wide open for hearts that are mourning with smiles of eternal sleep. Peace to all, the clouds call out. Redemption and gratitude always in play. Bringing yet just one more day.


Dreams during day or night can lead to hazy vision it seems. Keep eyes open observing the scene choosing reality over a scheme. Planting your roots in stable soil helps keep erosion at bay. Choosing directions from side to side ignore the back slide. Tenderly pacing forward cautiously taking each step. The traps of the spider are spectacular indeed, nature’s warning to us in need. Stay vigilant and strong in the season of awakening for someday we all must die. Continue to live at your fullest abilities. Love beyond all capabilities! Let light guide you home for love is the answer!


The slipper, old and worn, still fits comfortably as I push my foot gently into place. Still cozy, maybe even more so,now that’s it’s been worn into the perfect shape. Originally a luxury item,not really necessary, has become an expected essential piece of life. Often the things that give peaceful happiness go unnoticed underfoot. Lift my eyes to the sources of everyday joy. Let me SEE


Movement seized to be. All froze in place when you entered my mind. No longer a sensation of temperature or a receiver of vibration. I began to float listlessly above myself. Looking down, that body below was me but not. My essence was not attached to that lifeless form. Peaceful not panic surrounds me here. In the still of the stillness is where my heart soars. Should I return to be part of a world without you? Can this out of body experience guide me peacefully homeward to you? Jolts of breathtaking energy try to awaken my slumber. Must I obey or ignore and leave this place? Non existent is peaceful. Living is exhausting. Oh the still, beckoning me onwards. Toward the beginning of the end. Not yet! I hear your muffled cry. Not yet! Please begging from my inner core. Join you now shall I. Slowly I’m becoming aware again. No longer above but now inside the shell called body. Not yet! I sigh … Still … Be still…


Blowing in and causing havoc swirling all the air. Everything in its path is expected to adhere. Lessons from our heavenly realm reminding us of who is in charge. Not an instant does our life belong to only us. The body, mind and soul are instruments of God’s perfection while we are offered sanctity inside. Oh clear away the dust and veils you dearest winds of time. Stormy circles plow the fields of our blackened hearts. Hurricanes must deliver new ideas while violently stripping off the false protections. Nature has its marching orders which it actively pursues. Raw and vulnerable is this earth while the wind of life sets us free. Forceful nature so powerful and strong once again reminding us of all that stands tall. One simple act of nature and tumbling down we fall. Prayers replace arrogance and fear intercedes pride. Suddenly the reminder of humility is by our side. Stay humble and flexible. Stay faithful and believe. For flushing out the worlds cesspools is the storms ultimate goal. Take cover and praise God’s holy works while nature takes its course. In the stillness of the eye ,prepare, then simply wait. Welcoming in the winds of change so we never forget. Knowing God’s protection is always here is a solid bet.


Sweetest sound rolls off the tongue. Words to say hello when you love someone. Near or far the same refrain keeps expressing joy and pain. Tenderness of loves first tryst while gentle flutter of Cupid’s wings. All ha is the blessing given every moment it is spoke. Filled with every sense of wonder, wishing endless faith and hope. Languages say many words to the wise while Aloha speaks through the eyes. Sparkling glimmer shinning through tears. Some of joy and some of fears. Kiss on each cheek hello or goodbye. Blessed Aloha as we search the sky. Rainbows remind our hearts and souls that God is the king of Aloha made whole.