Believe in the beautiful

Beautiful is the dawn and the dusk as our eyes open and close, for in the lord we do trust. From beginning to the end count all the miracles in between,brought forth by the lord our savior and king. Moments of heartbreak and moments of joy are all brought by the lord, whom I adore. Feelings of happiness or of deep despair are all cradled by the lord who cares. Decisions made in full trust and faith can only bring forth the fruit of god’s grace. So believe in the beautiful, let all other thoughts go for it is in god’s love my truth will flow!


Come true

Cruising along with doubting gone forever in awe of this miracle time.

Free dumb

Freedom isn’t always free I finally realized. Somewhere along the line ,somewhere somehow ,someone paid the price. Even the smallest of delights came with a song and dance. Every single thing I see is there because someone before me took the risk, the journey, the chance. Darting here and there and all around never noticing the humble crowd. The ones who scrub on bended knee and toil night and day who we never see. The endless workers day and night who fill our lives with brilliant light.let us lift our blinders and really look. Appreciate the effort it took. Gratitude should replace our pride. For our freedom was bought and paid for long ago. Beautiful and grateful I praise you all ,you faithful friends who enabled my life to begin. May I forever honor your blessings you shared. Free dumb no more I apologize, your memories keep us moving forward fighting for the right!! Love is the answer! Taking flight!!!


“I woke up like this” is what the mug said. Yes it’s true I laughed aloud. Whatever the mood whatever the day the point isn’t how I woke up like. The main thing is that I woke up. Yes I’m alive and have another opportunity to live. So guzzle some coffee or tea or whatever you please. Brush out your hair and floss up the teeth. Pull over a shirt put on dress or pants. Awaken your self it could be your last chance. Go out the front door and take a deep breath. Inhale the morning air while praising the day. Now run, dance or leap your way to the world ready to share kindness and love. At the end of the day, if you are so blessed, shower off and go to sleep. Ready to begin the next morn. With the same mug stating “I woke up like this”.


New is the year, the very first day one would think it best to be on your knees to pray. Future uncertain , many forks in the road , all leading to mysteries yet to unfold. Imagination running wild while feelings of yesterday no longer allowed. Goodbye to the old , hellos to the new. Good morning new year ,let’s discover what rings true. Blessings and mercy and peace to us all. Conjoining our hearts and hands in peace. Happy new year my love let all hatred ease. Agreed that today the past is erased let’s all try to make this world a better place.


Love expressions everywhere from the deepest blue to the brightest white. Shining eternally brilliant beaming light. Wandering helpless and yet guided onward by the grace of your love my path leads the way. Stepping forward or backward both are the same for nothing can steer me away from your plan. Sacred oath tattooed on my heart I’m eternally yours from the start.


Jingle bells in front of malls. People hurry to spend their dough in hopes they can say thank you to friends. Love is spreading everywhere but also feelings of despair. Observe the silent of the flock whose hopes and dreams have been lost. With gentle hands and kind hearts pray for peace and new starts. Loving kindness is beautifully free please give it to all you see. Merry Christmas!

If I had never…

If I had never felt your heart beating in my soul. If I had never heard your mind echoing in my ear. If I had never imagined your lips smiling gently at my fragile vulnerability’s. If I had never felt a tear roll gently to the floor from fear of ever losing you. If I had the courage to race into your open arms throwing all else aside. If I had never trusted you as I so truly do. If I had never, I would not now know the depths of ultimate golden love.

Been awhile

First Totodile walked to the store then he bought some grapes. He bought some ice cream and some peanut butter. Grabbed some strawberries and blueberries then went home and munchlax ate all his food. He was sad and hungry then he went back to the store and bought the same things again. Went home ate, it all himself. He was happy at last. The end.


Outside,inside and upside down. Stress is hovering all around. Images of waterfalls pouring over me. Pretending each water drop is a massage of love from you. Slowly the pressure begins to release as I sense you near my mind fills with peace. Breathing in as you take my breath away. Looking forward to a new day. Time when dollars aren’t tied to a clock. Take this stress and make it stop.