Nationwide the stands are still. The silent nets hang low. Started morning full of fun taking time to enjoy someone. Laughing, spinning those silvery blades through the azure sky. Never in a million thoughts did you expect to die. Good bye to loved ones left behind. Hello to out yonder, the big unknown. Where peaceful heaven is called home. Blessings, speechless, floating in space. May God grant us the patience to continue life in this place. For now it’s so long, see you on the other side. Surrounded by loves eternal burn. Guaranteed hearts will yearn. Mourning!


In the end nothing mattered but Love. The only answer to the question above. All the trials, tribulations and sorrows on earth fell empty to the memory of the young lovers first kiss. In the misty, murky shadows of haze, the faded photograph gave hints of loves maze. Dribbling words, faintly roll off the tongue, as her empty mouth yearns for that suck. Long, sensuous Delight in yesterday years fog. Love was the bubble that kept hope afloat. Awe Is the wings forever fulfilled. The beauty of Love from the first moment of conception. Make no mistake, love is the only important connection.

Peaceful serenade

Waves lapping on the rock lava lined shore. Peaceful melody waves being the bass guitar. Added sounds from flying fish and humming buzz of the busy bee. Nature’s playing it’s magnificent symphony. Yesterday with all its strife has been replaced overnight. The morning brought a gentle breeze whispers with a happy ease. Smiles of joy, elated fun. Life is beautiful when all is said and done. Breathing in and freely exhale out. Simply silences thrilling shout. How my heart is filled with joy. Beautiful love shared once more. The sacred beauty of the great outdoors!


She folded your clothes from the moment you were born. Crossed eyed from exhaustion she planned out your day forgetting her own in an unselfish display. Everyone she spoke too knew all about you. Endless dreams and countless prays she never ceased to do. Days turned from months then continued on to years and not one single moment has her love light disappeared. Inside her body is from whence you came. That miraculous journey can never be erased. It’s imprinted like a permanent tattoo in her most private place. Many of life’s up and downs will try too change your mind. But for better or for worse she loves you all the time. Simplicity is the miracle Mother’s love provides. No need for fancy clothes or expensive abodes. Nope mother carries your necessities with her always, you are who she chose. Over husbands, lovers even best friends in the universe. You are her creation she will always choose you first. What a refreshing reminder that Simplicity is the first gentle kiss our mother shared with us.


With a bed your head to lay is the mourning of the few to spend eternal night alone. Without your warmth of endless love the sleep is an open eyed one. Memories cannot repeat the richness of life’s truth to speak. You made it home after the war survival of the richest kind. A man who has a legacy has received the greatest gift of all. Family who stood silently behind as he built up his dynasty. Has the future gift of love for all the world to envy. All is true in love and war Life once lived is one for each. Full of energy, wild and free until the last breath is breathed.

Taking flight

Get in and fly is what she’ll do. With or without you. A shot of courage is all she needs. The sun sets and rises everyday but her decisions change the game. Music fills her mind with emotions while she goes through the motions. Turn it off is all she hears. Listen to life’s vibes resetting her gears. The wind causes the plane to shake her faith tells her not to break. Flying high above the clouds she feels freedom from the crowds. Space allows the gentle breeze to clear her mind from constant tease. It isn’t enough to run away for a day, this moment of transition replaces the old. Rejuvenate and be bold. Awesome new cleans the dust, removes the tarnish and the rust. What was has been while what is, is now. No need to beat the sacred cow. The moment the big wow occurred shaking in the universe was heard. She found her roar in the melting heap giving her strength to make the leap. Promises made didn’t come through making her stronger with her follow through. Awesome inspiration she felt in her soul once again making her whole. Years of confusing frustrating desires started the combustible fire. Dream a little or a big big dream the fact is all’s an Illusion a massive scheme. Keep her spinning and in doubt with no time to figure things out. Faith and spirit intervened now she see things behind the scenes. Being small and living in the shadows makes a great life for fungus but she knows her worth and her eyes open wide. There is so much more she holds inside. Being kind is mandatory being used is a different story. She stands steady on both feet. Sword in one had with her book in the other. Better not try messing with her brother. The layer of nonchalant disconnect has been replaced with self respect. If a tag showed on her sleeve it would say : I dare you please. Somewhere between fine and ok she found her courage to display. Enough playing with her heart. This lady is ready to tear you apart. She is ready for today and tomorrow. Take it all, love, pain or sorrow. Something big is brewing here so watch out boys she has nothing to fear!!!


The breastplate of Aaron protects all of us now. The twelve stones light the direction as Christ is the way. Displaying colors brilliantly bright guiding my footsteps into the light. Inside the molecules of the crystal stones the spiritual energy of the angels atones. Gabrielle and Michael too their magnificent wings wrapped tight around while the double edged sword called the book cover us from head to toe. God’s gracious magnificent strength guards our path. Any form of the evil one this command is silently made, In the name of the most high you are demanded to exit this place. All forms of deceit and mistrust will now be replaced. Only love and pure kindness rule in our earthly lair. The six colors of the rainbow in variations done doubled up the twelve colors of the gems does become. Jasper, Sapphire then Agate. Emerald, Onyx and Ruby too. Chrysolite, Beryl, Topaz leaving Turquoise, Jacinth and Amethyst. This guidance delivered through light the earliest form of the modern computer shining its answers to the ancient ones. Devine decision making system of old held the secrets long, long ago. God’s never abandoned us on our own. Always provided us a clear path home. Christ is the corner stone, the rock and the way. Replacing the heavy vestment to wear. Christ is the rainbow colored blood in our veins keeping us forever protected these days. Our angels still stand ready, alert and strong, leading our journey and guiding us each hour. Enormous translucent superior beings our angels protect through spiritual means. So with all fear erased We continue this journey onwards and upwards as assurances of assistance from the great beyond is guaranteed. Read for yourself, research and learn. The stories of old still hold the secrets for today. Unwrap the gift so tenderly handed down. In the book the answers are found.


Love story from up above. Our father in heaven promises eternal life away from this earthly stress and strife. Without the reminder to turn back to him I would constantly be on a road looping round. If not for his grace no hope would be found. Arms reaching out with palms open wide. Praying dear God show me the way, keep me from harming or being such. Hold me dear lord with your gentle touch. Mistakes are plenty from the human form so dearest God protect us all from the moment we are formed. From earthly birth to our transcendence, help us God to follow the light. The waves roll out and back again as I pray for guidance to begin again. Each day offers a new path to take and I pray dear God my choices a heart won’t break. Gratitude seeps from every pore as you remind me what I’m on earth for. A beacon of hope to all heavy hearts. Forgive me when I’ve fallen apart. Thank you, the pieces you tenderly replace, oh Heavenly Father bless you for your grace. Tears of gratefulness stream unaware for its your love that holds me dear. A reminder once again to the only truth. Love is the answer!!! Love is the proof!!!


Music of the ringing bells on the steeple high. Awaking feelings of devotion and faith leading us back to the creator of all. The 200 year old theme song of love playing to remind us of who is on our side. Never forgotten,always held dear, the father in heaven makes choices clear. Follow the spirit of holiness each day and the path of happiness will be displayed. Reaching upward with palms open wide take in the blessings placed inside. Face the day straight and alert for this world is a reflection of most inner hurts. Let the bells ringing bring moments of joy, a simple reminder that time marches on. As each of us discovers our own dance and song. The bells of redemption keep ringing on.

Deal with it

To love is to be vulnerable. Insanely jealous of the elements of nature that caress your skin and play with your hair. Accepting what is beyond my control and trusting myself as I deal with the unknown. The choice is ours alone to make. This feeling of being intimate souls leads to the deepest of ultimate goals. Some fear sexual infidelity others fear emotional infidelity in reality they are both the same. The masculine and feminine parts of the game. These insecurities and feelings of losing someone are natural it’s true. When you trust and love someone try to be wise and reasonable too. Accept the feelings then change your mind by knowing all will be fine. Like an anchor trust yourself to hold it together and let love keep you from drifting away. Softly and gently believe and deal with all changes each and every day.