Who is who ? She asked without care. Are you invisible somewhere in there? A word on a page or a mouth without sound. Why are you hiding and slinking around? As the dawn exposes the new day so shall her heart remain open to play. Musical notes spilling harmonious melodies. She sips her coffee gleefully. Another opportunity to see it through . Mystery or just dumb luck? Who can really say. Whatever it is she is here to stay.


Night flight

Floating in the still night sky. Majestic puffs of cotton ball clouds hang below. Moon shining like a cleaned silver dollar. The wonderful magic of this universe as a whole. Twinkling stars shimmer and shine. Visions of the heavenly divine forgetting about the concept of time. Above the land and ocean too. Mesmerized by the Beauty of this place. Pure silence in an endless space. Awesome experience with amazing grace.


Love is tender, kind and true. It doesn’t matter green, red or blue. The colors of the rainbow saturate our soul blending all together creating our majestic glow. Don’t hide from kindness no matter where you go. The rule of human decency is what we all must show.


Beautiful spectacular the sun takes a bow. Going to leave us as we dream for awhile. Memories of day time activities fun. As we graciously wave goodbye to the sun. Goodnight


No more sadness I said with a sigh. Time has come to wave goodbye, the journey called life is the blink of an eye so onward and upward I continue to fly. Stagnant no longer I shall go with Godspeed until this mission on earth is complete. Honoring my past while racing to the future. Love is the answer to all questions I know. Handing you the rope thanks for the tow. The lifeboat you provided kept me afloat. Keep on moving that’s a direct quote.

Mind games

Not an evil spell at all. Just rules set by undesirable persons whom are trying to unbalance your inner life. Peace, love and tranquility show the way to go. Follow or lead yourself away from the mind experiments playing today. Some want to confuse or trap your brain with visions of treasures and glittering things. Stay focused looking straight ahead. Flying with wings in your dreams, gliding freely without strings. Heads up! least you fall into the fire. Ring of desperation and burning desire. Skin deep is not who I am. Keep on your toes for I’m in it for keeps. Silence these mind games withdrawal from me. No disappearing, what’s going on here? Safe again, I survived a rough day!


From wince the sky turmoil let go. Drenched paradise as it overflowed. Trapped emotions spilling free. Expectations not to be. Waiting no longer needs to be. Flash of lightning cross the sky another angel starts to fly. Buckets full from heavy hearts. As your soul this earth does part. Tears


Loves first kiss. Sand between my toes . Glistening hair wet salty from the sea. Me looking at you, you looking at me. Silent gestures of trembling hands. Moonlite backgrounds in distant lands. Original explorations and discoveries made. Exposing secrets to questions never considered. Watching, listening, trusting with belief. All the tiniest , intimate moments that life offers me.


Childhood friendships filled with adventure. Years of off and on stories to share. Some so exciting, beyond explanation while others left us dying inside. People and places erased as we moved. Rolling Stones forever traveling in the streams. Treacherous journeys tested our strength while our naive trust kept us alive it seems. The invisible spirit provided inside and the ubiquitous kindness of strangers provided protection from constant danger outside. Glorious life with its endless surprises. What deliriously season of joy awaits? Anticipating a future of living before we exit this present life space. Circling back , then forward again this massive experience continues to win. Give it your best shot then punch out once more. Keep trying and moving until you give up control. Thank you friends and enemies too. This amazing life journey isn’t even half way through. One door closes then a new one begins. Gratitude, love just hold up your chin. Surprises keep pounding, slipping round the bend. The best is yet to come my blessed beloved friend.

Tide pools

Low tide high tide waves go in and out. Listening and watching just feeling all about. Time comes time goes the ocean is it’s heartbeat. Tide pools this first summer day moistening my feet.