The slipper, old and worn, still fits comfortably as I push my foot gently into place. Still cozy, maybe even more so,now that’s it’s been worn into the perfect shape. Originally a luxury item,not really necessary, has become an expected essential piece of life. Often the things that give peaceful happiness go unnoticed underfoot. Lift my eyes to the sources of everyday joy. Let me SEE


Movement seized to be. All froze in place when you entered my mind. No longer a sensation of temperature or a receiver of vibration. I began to float listlessly above myself. Looking down, that body below was me but not. My essence was not attached to that lifeless form. Peaceful not panic surrounds me here. In the still of the stillness is where my heart soars. Should I return to be part of a world without you? Can this out of body experience guide me peacefully homeward to you? Jolts of breathtaking energy try to awaken my slumber. Must I obey or ignore and leave this place? Non existent is peaceful. Living is exhausting. Oh the still, beckoning me onwards. Toward the beginning of the end. Not yet! I hear your muffled cry. Not yet! Please begging from my inner core. Join you now shall I. Slowly I’m becoming aware again. No longer above but now inside the shell called body. Not yet! I sigh … Still … Be still…


Blowing in and causing havoc swirling all the air. Everything in its path is expected to adhere. Lessons from our heavenly realm reminding us of who is in charge. Not an instant does our life belong to only us. The body, mind and soul are instruments of God’s perfection while we are offered sanctity inside. Oh clear away the dust and veils you dearest winds of time. Stormy circles plow the fields of our blackened hearts. Hurricanes must deliver new ideas while violently stripping off the false protections. Nature has its marching orders which it actively pursues. Raw and vulnerable is this earth while the wind of life sets us free. Forceful nature so powerful and strong once again reminding us of all that stands tall. One simple act of nature and tumbling down we fall. Prayers replace arrogance and fear intercedes pride. Suddenly the reminder of humility is by our side. Stay humble and flexible. Stay faithful and believe. For flushing out the worlds cesspools is the storms ultimate goal. Take cover and praise God’s holy works while nature takes its course. In the stillness of the eye ,prepare, then simply wait. Welcoming in the winds of change so we never forget. Knowing God’s protection is always here is a solid bet.


Sweetest sound rolls off the tongue. Words to say hello when you love someone. Near or far the same refrain keeps expressing joy and pain. Tenderness of loves first tryst while gentle flutter of Cupid’s wings. All ha is the blessing given every moment it is spoke. Filled with every sense of wonder, wishing endless faith and hope. Languages say many words to the wise while Aloha speaks through the eyes. Sparkling glimmer shinning through tears. Some of joy and some of fears. Kiss on each cheek hello or goodbye. Blessed Aloha as we search the sky. Rainbows remind our hearts and souls that God is the king of Aloha made whole.


Drifting in the azure sea. Turtles floating effortlessly between the water and the air. How does the distinction form? The sudden yet definite difference between the breath and wash? System of universe created for our joy. Ever recycling oneself as we live each day. Lost in the beauty of nature or in the savage cruelty of it. The master plan is ordained from above with only one lesson, peaceful love. Wonderment overflowed the moment we were created. Yet our minds dare to believe the freedom offered us. The timelessness of God’s creation is still in our hearts. Think, believe and we shall receive, the promise has never been revoked. Praise the beauty of intention. God’s our only hope.


Playing never ends, even as you age. Pulling in opposite directions while stretching the rope tightly across the point of no return. Saving, spending both money and time. Whatever you have, use it now. Share and give, for nothing is permanent here. Fill up the tank and head outside. Days of isolation being locked inside are over. Open up ! the universe is still existing. Compassionate care and human kindness are thriving. Expiration of overbearing rules. Uplifting rides to the summit! Flying high out of the fog. Continue the game with laughter and joy. Taste the sweet while lingering sour still tingles the tongue. Hugs and hands despite the fear. Just let go and be free! Stand on-the ridge and take the risk. Enjoy life while you are living. Keep playing the games.


Upon the infant newly bound, the mothers heart can be found. Animals attach together after being rescued from harm. My family unites in death and also in all life’s toughest hours. Invisible stains tattooed on our hearts. The imprint of God is never far. Brilliant sunshine or dreariest monsoons, the imprint of loyalty, friendship and truth is evident in everything we do. Unite as one, a nation of love. Put ourselves in others shoes, listen to both sides of the news. Keep open hearts with tender arms. Treat all with respect and protect eachother from harm. All the simple rules of life. Imprint love on all we see and feel. Give our universe a chance to heal. Be the imprint on others souls. Our acts of kindness may be the only love others have ever know. Be …


Each tiny one of us is an esthetic being. Shining bright or hidden in shadows either way we’ve got a mission to complete. Every day we die waiting. Bravery keeps us standing as each step brings us closer. Love eternally, getting us one step closer. Never ending search and endless time seeking our divine goal. Keep it together in the harmony of this so called life. Don’t fight it, just feel the beat of love. Night and day pumping the blood of life through our veins. Oxygen, the air gas of our lungs, filling the atmosphere that surrounds us here. Streaming rays of sunshine entering the pores of our soul. Causing tiny droplets to form and lovingly spread amongst the beautiful dreams of hope. Open your heart and make room. Love the droplets of life like I do. Fear losing the precious droplets for from this moment, I promise you, there is nothing that substitutes love. Walking through fire for you and adoring you. Droplets.

Black and white

Nothing is pure black or white. All the lines are blurred and blended with shades of grey mixed in the silver lining. Memories, like fog, settle heavily on the past as streaming light filters through. Decisions that had consequences still take center stage although the actions taken spanned centuries earlier. It’s a new day, a new dawn and the future overflows with possibilities. The next step requires contemplation, deep compassion and total faith. Reckless abandonment may solve everything or will it only delay the inevitable? There is no doubt that none of us get out of here alive. At some uncertain time and date we also will meet our creator. Shall we continue the same old routine or try something exciting and new? The ledger of life is ours alone to write. What’s the next entry going to be? The greatest gift is that nothing is in black and white. The future is our own to decide. What was, that is what made us who we are now. Each step lead us to this place. So left or right, up or down? Where to go? What to do? Remembering all the while that everything is possible.


Never have I ever seen a more amazing lovers scene. It wasn’t in a picture show or related to something I didn’t know. The years of handling a life he helped create. Wiping tears and teaching ways to survive the toughest days. A constant thought on his heart. Watching, laughter and joy as well while Other times a living hell. As the end is drawing near it’s only the good memories that appear. Day announced “it’s a boy” through bikes and bruises and fishing trips. All the times life took a flip. Hopes and dreams and flying machines offered the magic mixture called life. No love doesn’t require a mate sometimes it’s your son who remains your best friend. Right up to the very end. Sometimes that’s loves fate. So love one another, it’s never too late. For all who are yearning for something more, please see the love at your own front door. Neighbors, strangers even people in passing all deserve that special smile. Bow your head and give a wink for sharing love is easier than you think. Amazing love and lesson learned what an awesome gift from above. This thing called LOVE.